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Coly aérien drone

The History
of the Villa

1 - The village of Coly

Nestled in a peaceful setting, Coly offers an authentic and preserved atmosphere, perfect for nature lovers and history enthusiasts.

Ancienne photo Coly

3 - The renovation project

After the cessation of agricultural activity, the barn was left abandoned, waiting to find a new lease on life.

Grange agricole interieur

5 - A new life for the building

In 2021, driven by passion and determination, we embarked on an ambitious project from humble beginnings: a few pieces of wood for the framework and the earth as our starting point on the ground.

Toiture ancienne

7 - Patience as an ally

Every step of the renovation required meticulous care and attention to detail. With patience and perseverance, each element took shape, from foundations to finishing touches.

Extérieur grange rénovation toiture

2 - The agricultural barn

In the 19th-20th century, the left part of the building served as agricultural storage and shelter for cows, while the right part was used as a tobacco drying barn. These historic structures provide a fascinating glimpse into the region's past agricultural activity and add a touch of charm to the local architecture.

Grange agricole exterieur

4 - Périgordiane roots

As children of Périgord, our project was born from our deep attachment to this region. It's our way of having a connection to this land that we love so much.

Theo Lucie Brun

6 - A large-scale project

Our passion for heritage preservation and the desire to create a unique space led us to preserve the essence of its original architecture while imbuing it with new functionality.

Interieur grange renovation

8 - From barn to Villa Luceo Périgord

Every detail has been meticulously considered to create Villa Luceo Périgord, a haven of comfort and beauty. Join us on this renovation journey where we have elevated this project from the ground up to its current splendor.

Villa périgord

9 - The entire renovation project

To keep up with the progress of our renovation project, join us on our social media platforms. Dive into the details of the transformation of our old barn into a beautiful place and discover behind-the-scenes insights.

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